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Originally Posted by jas View Post
Does that include trading a fading 30-year-old one-dimensional scoring forward for a dynamic 25-year-old playmaking center whose potential is still not fulfilled, a 22-year-old defenseman with top 4 potential, as well as a 26-year 3rd line forward who adds grittiness to the bottom six? I'm not sure there is this "complete inability to see beyond the current season", as you call it.
Obviously doesn't. I think he means the actual FA signings and he's exaggerating slightly. Shoe horning Gomer and Droopy into rols they weren't fit for. Signing Redden (nuff said) these moves DO reek of a complete failure to evaluate and plan. Signing Gabs was a completely diff beast. We signed him for a role he was suited to and for terms and money that made sense and wasn't an overpayment or reach based on what he had actually done in the league. He went on to continue to have 40 g 80 pt seasons as he had before.

Brashear, Kotalik and how many others were baaaad signings but get overlooked b/c they weren't big splashes?

The trades obviously do show a smart reasonable lemons to lemonade strategy. take a big name before it completely blows and trade it for youth which can help for the future. The trades have slightly confused people's opinions of Sather b/c he's actually come out ahead consistently after some pretty serious blunders. The Richards blunder , however, I don't even know if we can blame him too much for. It's hypocritical for most to do so since most agreed with it. I hated the terms but understood the move and thought he'd help for a 3-4 year window. So I can't criticize the big Brich signing either

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