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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Any stick lift away from the play is interference. Its quite simple. No exceptions. Lifting the stick is preventing the player to do something even if its right off a draw.

Its black and white. No grey area. Its up to the players to adapt to these rules or they can cry their way to the box all night.

Any obviously there is going to be inconsistent calls between officials....they aren't machines.
That is wrong. This is from the USA Hockey site:

Lifting an Opponent Stick and Stick Presses

The use of the stick to lift an opponent’s stick and gain possession of the puck, or prevent them from gaining
possession of the puck, is considered a good defensive play that should not be penalized. Lifting a non-puck carrier’s
stick in a manner that does not impede their progress is also allowable under the rules. In addition, the use of the stick
to check an opponent’s stick, or press the opponent’s stick to the ice or boards, is a good defensive play as long as it is
done on the lower portion of the stick shaft and the intended purpose is to dislodge the puck or prevent the opponent
from playing the puck.

Here's the link:

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