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05-14-2013, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by BNHL View Post
Heard his skate broke.
yeah he looked really weird on his next shift and if any of you have ever tried to play with a cracked skate blade meaning two pieces it'll make you do some funny things and look hurt. in watching the replay of the game tonight, i do recall him looking down at the bottom of his skate on the ice as he is coming off and then staying on. a split blade feels like your skating with a piece of tape under your skate. it makes you lose your edge real easy and it would take a trainer atleast ten minutes to fix that skate hoping the holes are predrilled in the boot so he can get it done fast. bad time for that to happen. most of these guys have back up skates but that would take him atleast 2-3 minutes to get one on and with a 3 line rotation its easy to miss one shift under those restraints. backup skate might need a sharpening as well. new skate blade would take a tremendous amount of sharpening or rocking to get it to feel anything like the one you just had on. you could put a used blade on the skate because its already warn in and been sharpened alot. i'm sure the equipment manager is well rehearsed in doing this kinda repair

i've also had alot of rivets pop out at once from rust. he would not have been able to go out there another shift with that

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