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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Hit the triangle Comrade. Report it. Just a click away. And y'know? Good luck with that....
So you stand by the original accusation? "Soviet Sympathies & Apologist Sentiments"?

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
as for the latter, not sure what that even means.
Look, in the first place you said the following thing:

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
How could you do that without the possibility of accusations of bias (which based on my experiences with referee's are generally bogus & specious, unfounded, as 99.99% of them are completely dispassionate & entirely objective)? However, in order to remove that 00.001% chance, just go with guys from BC, Alberta or wherever that dont have teams competing. I agree with that policy.... on the far end of how if you dont do that you wanna see games get derailed, look no further than the 72 Summit Series.
"If you don't do that" refers to the policy of using refs from neutral territory, right? Well, whatever you think was wrong with the refereeing in the 72 Summit Series, it has nothing to do with a failure to apply that policy. They did use refs from neutral countries. That's all I have pointed out. I didn't claim the referees were good or objective, I didn't give any "portrayal of 1972" at all. But you seemed to suggest the refs weren't from neutral territory which is not correct. Nothing more to it. Pointing out an inaccuracy makes me a "Comrade", really?

C1958 replied that "the selection of referees should be based strictly on merit as opposed to provenance". I countered by reposting your argument that provenance does matter. We agree on this matter and that's why I asked you what your issue is.

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