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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
The present arena was partially funded by the provincial government
Commitments by previous governments isn't a good enough argument to continue down the same path. Things change: priorities, what the people want, economic climate, etc. it would be irresponsible for the provincial government to assume "if we paid for it once we will pay for it forever".

It isnt built for the sole purpose of professional sports. There will be other tenants/users such as the Oil Kings, the Rush (potentially) as well as concerts and events such as Cirque du soleil, etc.
None of those users need the arena or are driving the development. The arena is being built for the oilers and while there may be other tenants (and with no arena deal even signed yet there is no guarentee of any of those). If the oilers didn't demand a new arena we wouldn't even be talking about it because the oil kings, rush, concerts, etc are all fine at rexall. The oilers are the only catalyst behind this and the only reason it is being built.

The province should be chipping in for this, but they wont because they couldnt manage their own affairs properly and now have to make big cuts to essential services. There is also the odor left by Katz' boneheaded illegal campaign contributions.

Despite the poor optics, they should contribute anyway.
They do contribute to the cities infrastructure through the MSI funding model, why should edmonton's arena, which does not even let the city keep the revenue, be funded as a special project? Edmonton should use its MSI funding to do this as that is what the funding is meant for and it is not like the arena is a new plan/concept so they could have easily planned for it rather than now being caught flatfooted because they have allocated that money already.

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