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05-14-2013, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Great One View Post
I'm not gonna deny the fact that I don't like the guy but I think my reasoning is pretty justified and it has nothing to do with how effective he is. Lapierre has a strong reputation for diving and embellishing to draw penalties. There is more than enough video evidence online to support this.

I've also watched enough of him, including his time with Montreal, to see how often he'll stir up trouble and then coward away resulting in one of his teammates having to step for him. We need more guys who can pick up for our younger players on the team, not more guys who need to be picked up for. Lapierre may be a pest and he may get under other players skin but if he's also out there getting penalties for diving and risking injuries to teammates who have to fight his battles for him then I really don't see how he can help us more than hurt us which was my original argument in the first place.
He definitely does embellish, but its not as though he's out there taking diving calls every night. The forcing teammates to fight thing is overblown though imo. You don't have to fight everyone, and he can hold his own when need be

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