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05-14-2013, 10:42 PM
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Just a minor rant/update/sharing of info: (I work at GameStop btw)

Two of our local store managers we're personally close with were offered severance packages tonight at around 9pm (closing time). They were told by our DM that "the company is not doing well" and that the first cuts are payroll. Payroll barely exists to begin with, as the low-end employees like myself are lucky to get 10 hours a week. They were told that the company will utilize 1 store manager for every 2 stores nationwide, and we dunno how that'll work.

The company really started changing negatively about 4 years ago, going sales heavy as opposed to the much more fun customer service is king angle, which allowed us to have 2-4 employees working at all times. Now you're lucky to have 2 clocked in at once. Then about a year ago, they decided to start accepting ipods/phones/pads as trade-ins, unaware how much filth walks through our doors with likely stolen items and fuels his/her drug kick through us. We take in about 20 idevices for cash for every 1 we sell, and the employees have come to the realization they may only be in business for another 3-5 years.

THEN the NextGens are on the horizon, and they may expedite the demise, as it's rumored neither the PS4 or 720 will allow you to play used games on their devices, which is what gives GameStop about 99% of it's profit.

Love us or hate us, I'd bet good money that GameStops will be gone in about a year. Unfortunately I don't have good money because I work there. Shoulda quit years ago.

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