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05-14-2013, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Rightdownhate View Post
He got so hyped against us, after this serie people will come back to reality and realize that Anderson is an average goalie.Its just that in Montreal we have a kind of fixation on goalie.
I read so many comments about how Anderson was lights out in our series and best player, blah blah, but I saw ONE very good game by him (not excellent) which actually he would have lost if Carey hasn't let in the ones at the end (incidentally IMO Carey's only bad game). Does anyone remember any great saves that Anderson made? I don't. There was no robbery whatsoever. Not only that, but think about the goals he DID let in. Majority could be argued to be softies.

We did not lose cuz of Anderson. Could have been any goalie not named Fleury. Now Lundvqist - he put up a great 1st round. FTM, I can't think of a single goalie who had less to show than Anderson after the first round. Each one had highlight reel saves and multiple, including Price. Just saying, Anderson was hot as hell last year and the start of this year. Since, I haven't seen him do much despite his high sv% which is due to the worst "shots" by any opposition in the first round.

He could have an awesome round against the Pens, in fact he has to. But he is certainly beatable. He was the least of my worries during and upon reflecting about the series.

Karlsson looked like what he is - an offensive D man and that's it. Cannot believe he won a Norris over Shea Weber.

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