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05-14-2013, 10:06 PM
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Waitasekin!!!! waitasekin!!!! I've bin around Hockey fa years. My sauces tell me dat da Rangis head coach Tortellini got da Rangis fired up. I'll give you da name of two of my sauces. Al Fredo and Mary Nara. They've been close to me since I was a Kid. I would talk Hockey all day but I gotta cova da Jets and dare disgrace ofa head coach, Rex Ryun. I promise you folks I'll get to da Hockey cauls in da four o'clock ouwa. We got a good friend of mine Joe Nicklelodeon, da color guy for da Rangis on. He'll break it down and tell you everything I know. Also Adam Leach will be joining us. Da mvp when day won da cup in 40. Da guy looks like he can play now.

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