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05-14-2013, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Stjonnypopo View Post
What I dislike are those players who come at full speed and go for the cheap shot (like #14 blue at one point)

The problem with kid fights is that they don't have any honour in fights. They'll hit from behind and try to injure without thinking. Usually when it's grown ups you don't see the same dirty hits, the adults do more damage with their hitting and punching but they're less cheap.
Probably because they don't really know what a hockey fight is. I remember playing hockey as a kid and when two kids went at it nobody removed there helmet so you'd have two kids punching eachother in the face with there gloves on. As you get older and advance in leagues/age it becomes different. IMO anyways. Hard for two 11 year olds to emulate what they see on TV, kids just attack.

That video was just mayhem. Looked like a street brawl on skates

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