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05-14-2013, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Bryz4shiz View Post
DFF how can you even type with your head shoved that far up your dick hole? Lots of people wanted the Flyers to sign Vokoun because it looked like Bob had the potential to be a solid number 1 goalie. He needed time to develop but he had the skills, athleticism, and perhaps most importantly the mindset to succeed. Even if this was one fluke year, he'll probably be a much more consistent goaltender than Bryz if only because he's not a total nut job
No need to come at me like that with your witty insult. And you are right, Bob looked like he had the potential to be a starting goalie. I agree. But again, potential is different than being a starting goalie. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Your last point about Bryz being a nut-job is not really good fodder for this discussion. At that point in his career, Bryz was among the top goalies in the league and was a year removed from finishing second in the Vezina voting and had put up consistently good numbers throughout his career. Yes, now, with hindsight, it is crystal clear that Bryz was not the goalie the Flyers wanted him to be. The contract is terrible and I don't think (even then) I said the contract was good. But again, at the time, they went with the bird in hand rather than the two in the bush.

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