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09-29-2006, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
As a referee..this is going to get ugly in the first month with half the parents having no idea what the hell is going on, and even some coaches will be dumbfounded why their kid is going to the box(those are the worst coaches since they dint even read anything USA Hockey sends them)
I have already seen it get ugly. I was in a local tournament here in Phoenix September 1st. All games had strong calls with the exception of the Championship. The Ref said that he wanted to let the kids play!

That is the wrong attitude. Although there were different ref's throughout the tournament, the one doing the last game should be consistent with all the rest of the game and calls.

The only problem that I see with the new "Standard of Play" rules is that the calling by ref's is open to Interpretation. What one call might mean a penalty for you, might not be a penalty for the next ref.

If we are going to be held to these new rule changes, we need a Standard of Referee education. There should be a person (Head Ref) in the stands evaluating the calls of the game. Then get together with the ref at the end of the game and go over the call that were good or bad. and have the Ref that is doing the game, have an open mind and be coachable. Maybe recording the game and sitting down with all the ref's within the city or town could help get them all get on the same page.

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