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05-14-2013, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by chrisj View Post
But that's why its clear the ticket tax at Northlands isn't for the new arena. The ticket tax rate was agreed to originally, amount calculated, etc and then Katz asked for the ticket tax to be applied to Northlands as well. So if we include the Northlands ticket tax, than the city has more than enough to cover the arena.

Katz simply wants to make sure that Northlands can't undercut him for concerts/other events by offering the promoter more $$ (which they could if they didn't have to pay the ticket tax).
I know how the Northlands ticket tax arose. It actually initially started off with Katz, again after the original framework was agreed to, demanding a non compete from Northlands (that was about #20 of Katz's bait & switch's/reneging). If the City gives it all back its irrelevent to Northlands , but not to Katz.So I doubt that happens. So those pom pom wavers of Katz attribute the ticket tax on the new arena as a Katz contribution. Makes sense to me the ticket tax on Northlands is a contribution by Northlands to the new arena.

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