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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Thanks for pointing that out about Bryz's playoff numbers, that helps. Those four games he played that year in the playoffs were a good measure, not the prior 24 that he had played in and put up respectable numbers. And not those hundreds of NHL regular season games he played in either. If that was Bryz's only playoff know, like Bob, then I would get that argument. But the dude established himself enough to the point where he could have a bad playoffs (and that year was bad) and it wasn't the end of the world. He wasn't some unproven guy, you know, like Bob, who didn't have the resume to allow for a bad playoffs to be written off. And yet it appears that you are writing off Bob's atrocious playoff performance based on potential, while holding Bryz accountable for his equally ugly playoff performance without factoring in the fact that his resume seemed to indicate that the poor play was a fluke. With hindsight, it clearly was not a fluke. But that is with hindsight.

You are right, he shouldn't have been there in the Vezina voting (or the Hart trophy voting where he took fifth). Thanks for pointing that out. Those voters suck anyway. Bob shouldn't be there this year.

LaBarbera played in like 15 games that year, I don't think you can say he had better numbers, even if his save percentage and GAA was slightly lower. Comparable, maybe. Better, no.

Vokoun put up similar numbers to Bryz as well in the most recent seasons. I wouldn't really call them better, his save percentage was a few tenths of a points better and his GAA was worse. I wouldn't really have had a problem had they signed Vokoun. There were two goalies available it seemed, Vokoun and Bryz. Vokoun was four years older. This goes to what I have been saying this entire time. They didn't want to roll the dice with Bob (and by extension Vokoun). At that point, he was still potential. It could have worked out great, or we could be looking for a new goalie right now anyway. They went with what seemed like the safe bet (albeit on a bad contract). And then there is also the whole argument that went on back when this was actually happening about whether or not Vokoun would have even signed here.
There's just so much stupidity here. Bob was never given a chance to start in the playoffs that year. He had one bad outing and the rug was pulled out from under him. Bryz on the other hand had just had two bad post-seasons in a row. When you're signing a goalie for almost a decade that should absolutely be a red flag. He was embarrassed by Detroit and showed he didn't have the mental make up to be a true #1 goalie.

There is absolutely a huge difference between Bob's Vezina candidacy and Bryz's. Bob's save percentage was 30 points higher than Mason and his gaa was a goal lower. By every metric there is Bob was substantially better than Mason, the same can certainly not been said for Bryz.

Likewise Vokoun was substantially better than his backups for the past three years. Its foolish to say they didn't have to roll their dice with Bob because no one was asking them too. Vokoun had been a more consistent goaltender for years.

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