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05-15-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Stastny is the least likeliest because signings are more probable than trades but IMO Stastny has the most upside of that bunch and is the best fit. Ribeiro would likely produce more but I don't see Gillis giving him the 5 years he's looking for.

Weiss will likely be a target but like Roy, he's on the smaller side and lingering injuries could be a concern.

Upside, sure. Stastny is the youngest of the bunch, I believe. Fit, you also have point there, as he could play a shutdown role perhaps better than any of the options. But that difference is made up for by others in other areas. For instance, I dislike Stastny's footspeed, and it can be an issue. The others seems to move around better (Ribeiro is a maybe).

Saying all that, you do get the point that its easier to get that option, at a lower acquisition cost, and at a lower salary, in FA. So going there first seems much more likely to me.

Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Posted my proposed roster in the roy thread. involves moving Burrows to #3C....Gillis wants it to check.

Let Burrows work on his faceoffs.

Try Schroeder with Kesler and Booth, Kassian with the Twins and stick with it.

There's youth and some beef in the top 6, and excellent shutdown line (Higgins-Burrows-Hansen), and if you think we really need it, move Edler for either a potential (yet young and cheap...Couturier) #3C + futures or another front line forward to supplement the top 6.

I think trying what they have with a new coach will be tried, and these drastic changes and BIG moves are very unlikely.

They'll hope to add a small to medium piece in free agency and hopefully gain futures in a goalie trade.

If under a new coach this roster still looks stagnant, upgrades will be made mid-season. A real 82 game season not a "messed up" one, will be more conducive to hockey trades.

I agree. They'll try what they have with a new coach, for the most part. I'm just not sure going with Burrows at the 3C is the best option. They need to get a prospect C with size then, if they are going the route of keeping the entire core intact. Then toggle the bottom6 positions between that prospect, Schroeder, and perhaps a more traditional 4th line C.

Edler should not be moved IMO. Give him the same chance under the new coach.

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