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05-15-2013, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by chrisj View Post
To be fair... the $125m ticket tax can easily be considered Katz. Afterall, as an example, if the max ticket price someone will pay is $100, and there is a $5 ticket tax included, that means the max the team can collect is $95 per ticket.

So directly and indirectly the Oilers are contributing about 55%.
That is making a HUGE assumption that the Oilers have found the spot where supply and demand meet AND the ticket tax itself does not raise what people are willing to spend (as some may see it as "the stupid city taking my money tax").

Those are huge assumptions to make when you state that the ticket tax is a Katz expense, and would also indicate you agree ticketmaster charges to buyers are a Katz expense (which means he is charged twice in your mind as I assume teams also directly pay ticketmaster a fee).

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