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Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
37 pages in and you dropped the bomb that we all had in the back of our heads.

Nothing is going to change. This team is fundamentally unsound in the way it was built, the way it is built, and the way it's going to continue to be built.

Drafting forwards before defense. Drafting wingers before centers. One-dimensional skill rather than multi-faceted excellence.

I just don't see how this ship gets righted, especially with the same management group.
Actually I disagree, I don't believe there is some "formula" to building any team the proper way. You pick the best talent.

We'd be even worse right now if we had taken Adam Larsson over Ryan Nugent Hopkins and we'd be crying ourselves to sleep watching Taylor Hall playing a pivotal role in taking the Bruins to the Cup (not just a passenger) in lieu of Tyler Seguin.

Unless the plan all along was to tank so long that we eventually have Connor McDavid.

I think we will eventually turn into a decent team, it will just be on the shoulders of RNH/Hall/Yakupov/J. Schultz/Eberle to drive all the improvement, because our front office is incapable of filling needs. Which means it will take longer than anticipated.

That's the entire reason why we're even talking about drafting player in position X/Y/Z rather than who's the best player. We can't afford to simply draft the best player because our management is so incompetent they can't fill holes any other way and our scouting is so incompetent that they haven't given the organization any useful pro depth aside from the Eberle pick.

I get the feeling they'll be baited into possible doing something stupid like taking Lazar because he's a sentimental choice (granted one that's a decent prospect) or dealing this pick for a 1-2 year temporary veteran fix.

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