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05-15-2013, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Bryz4shiz View Post
There's just so much stupidity here. Bob was never given a chance to start in the playoffs that year. He had one bad outing and the rug was pulled out from under him. Bryz on the other hand had just had two bad post-seasons in a row. When you're signing a goalie for almost a decade that should absolutely be a red flag. He was embarrassed by Detroit and showed he didn't have the mental make up to be a true #1 goalie.
First of all, all this playoff talk is largely irrelevant to the discussion I was having that you decided to join in on. The playoffs issue (for both goalies) was pretty much swept under the rug because it was not all that important. But if you are going to tell me that Bob's six playoffs games of atrocious play in net mean nothing, but Bryz's performance in a small fraction of his overall playoff performance in his career is the real issue here, then I really have no response to that. I am being stupid.

There is absolutely a huge difference between Bob's Vezina candidacy and Bryz's. Bob's save percentage was 30 points higher than Mason and his gaa was a goal lower. By every metric there is Bob was substantially better than Mason, the same can certainly not been said for Bryz.
Nope. If you get to tell me that Bryz didn't deserve his nomination then I get to tell you Bob doesn't deserve his. This argument could be had about pretty much the every nomination for every award every year. Bryz got nominated and finished second in the voting (and I'm pretty sure he finished near the top for the Hart too that year). If you are having a real argument on this subject you can't just ignore it and say he didn't deserve it. Bryz was a recent Vezina nominee runner up when he was signed. Those are the facts and I'm sure that fact played in to the decision to sign him.

Likewise Vokoun was substantially better than his backups for the past three years. Its foolish to say they didn't have to roll their dice with Bob because no one was asking them too. Vokoun had been a more consistent goaltender for years.
Huh? I don't really understand what Vokoun being better than his backups has to do with anything. I said in my last post that I wouldn't have had a problem with them going for Vokoun. There are issues with that though. To begin with, he may not have wanted to sign here and there was at least one article that was going around back then that alluded to that. Now if they do they sign him, how long is the contract? Two years? Four? After two years if Bob hasn't developed into the goalie that we wanted, where do we go? Re-sign Vokoun? Get a UFA available at the time? Just go with Bob? Same thing with the four year contract. What happens at the end? And this brings me back to my original point that I made days ago: There was no guarantee that Bob would be anything more than every other run-of-the-mill starter that the Flyers have had over the years. The Flyers wanted a long-term solution. Bryz was the safer bet at the time.

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