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Originally Posted by chrisj View Post
To be fair... the $125m ticket tax can easily be considered Katz. Afterall, as an example, if the max ticket price someone will pay is $100, and there is a $5 ticket tax included, that means the max the team can collect is $95 per ticket.

So directly and indirectly the Oilers are contributing about 55%.
To be blunt this is a ridiculous conclusion.

Katz obtains an opulent, state of the art, best in the world type facility for 600M. He pays no money upfront for this, no taxes, and gets all the revenue from all events, gets naming rights, gets an advertising kick back from the city, who are fronting virtually the entire cost of the build and you're arguing that the ticket tax is Katz's skin in the game?

I could maybe see your argument exclusively for Oilers games as in that case Katz at least owns the product.

Man, the ONLY advantage the city is retaining through *ownership* in this whole deal is figuring they have a right to the ticket tax revenues in a building they own and which they finance at great expense.

"To be fair" ?!?

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