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05-15-2013, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
I know how the Northlands ticket tax arose. It actually initially started off with Katz, again after the original framework was agreed to, demanding a non compete from Northlands (that was about #20 of Katz's bait & switch's/reneging). If the City gives it all back its irrelevent to Northlands , but not to Katz.So I doubt that happens. So those pom pom wavers of Katz attribute the ticket tax on the new arena as a Katz contribution. Makes sense to me the ticket tax on Northlands is a contribution by Northlands to the new arena.
Of course you will.

Fact is that tax is taking a bite out of Katz's bottom line when it comes to ticket prices.
Same applies to Rexal. You chose to think all the Rexal tax goes to build the New Arena because it suits your argument.

I'll chose to think the Rexal tax can go fund it's own subsidies. The race track, the agricom etc. And I'll wave my lil pom poms while you continue your billionaire sour grapes sentiment.

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