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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by this?
Are you saying that it was a mistake to draft Hall (wing) over Seguin (supposedly a center), RNH (forward) over Larsson (defense) and Yakupov (wing) over Murray (defense) or Galchenyuk (center)?
Where did they have the opportunity to draft multi-faceted excellence over one dimensional skill?

The drafting has been fine, they have gone with a mix of high end forwards, defense and grittiness in the lower rounds over the last several drafts although Musil over Jenner was a head scratcher. The draftees are the least of the problems with this team. It's the pro scouting and the filling out of the rest of the roster through smart trades and free agency that has been the problem. That's where the fundamental issues lie, the amateur scouting is fine.

Anyway, i'm starting to be really intrigued by Horvat. I haven't really keyed in on him during the few London games that i've seen but it seems that his meteoric rise has some merit to it and he happens to fill a need.
Does anybody know much about Horvat from first hand viewings? How does he compare to Lazar, Monahan etc. in regards to his 2 way game and physicality?
It's going to be a fun Memorial Cup watching the obvious studs in Jones, Mac and Drouin but also the highly rated London prospects as well, Horvat, Zadarov, Domi.
They took BPA in each case, the only problem is "luck". They picked in drafts were the BPA wasn't a C (2008,09,10,12). Not necessarily a management problem per se but just a contextual mishap.

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