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Originally Posted by worraps View Post
As chrisj pointed out the ticket tax money is coming out of Katz's pocket in the form of lower market clearing ticket prices.

It takes a special kind of mental gymnastics to get from there to your opinion on the matter.
For the first part as noted this is an assumption. Its not unreasonable to expect that people will pay more to enjoy an entertainment environment with far better amenities, seats, facility experience, etc. Just as they do at new state of the art cineplex, hotels, resorts etc.

Posh cost more, anywhere, in any nature of venue you care to mention. Maybe you missed the memo.

Katz is getting this arena built for him with virtually all upfront costs incurred by the city. By having this, and obtaining revenue from all events he has more than his "fair share" in this arrangement.

The startling thing in this exchange is that people are questioning the right of the city to even retain a small "ticket tax" on a facility they are said to own.

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