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05-15-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by NOVA Sabres Fan View Post
I don't think there is anyway Stafford would get a 1st rounder back, but all one needs to do is look at what was being said about Gaustad at the deadline. Like I said before, there are always GM's that will overpay. It happens every single year.
And again, deadline deals are not comparable to summer trades. That's why a defenseman like Leopold gets dealt for 2nd rounders again and again at the deadline while someone far better at defense like Toni Lydman fetches a 4th in August. Relative value at time to market -- look at what players go for during summer roster building historically to gauge more of what the return might be.

Stafford is unlikely to return just a draft pick due to his down year. If/when they move him, it's likely to be for returning salary, perhaps another young-ish player with comparable money left on their deal and warts of their own. Big-time slumping players do not return flashy parts like 1st rounders. There is no demand for a slumping winger who may recapture 20+ goal form, especially not with the cap retraction this summer. It might be a lesser player, equally struggling and something mid-round that happens, but he's not returning a first from anyone.

Miller.... the goaltending market is choked with guys. There are candidates in UFA -- Smith, Nabokov, Backstrom -- as well as possible trade targets -- Luongo/Schneider, Bernier -- that will push trade value down across the board. Factor in salary and again, there is a force pushing down on value. If he returns more than a 2nd pairing defenseman and a 2nd round pick, I'd be amazed -- that's about the top end of what I see as goaltending value at the moment. Just because his value to the Sabres is high does not mean the value for his return at his position is high for anyone else.

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