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Originally Posted by The Latvian View Post
Chirping is fine, it's the slashing and running guys. There's no need. Wouldn't say I'm playing down a level, there's guys on my team and other teams that are better than me, when the game is out of hand most guys ease up and that's what I'm referring to. If the other team are being clowns ill give it my all to score, simple as that.

The more you run the score, the more you incite the other team to continue trying to play like idiots and retaliate. I wasn't involved with the game but recently saw a team playing in C beat another team 22-1. Something like that sometimes transcends hockey and is just completely disrespectful...certain guys don't take to being embarrased to well.

Originally Posted by The Latvian View Post
Guys who take runs at other players make me sick. Everyone has a job to go to in the morning. It's too bad your feelings got hurt, but act like an adult.
See basically ruins the game for certain guys and makes them feel like they are waisting money. I agree it shouldn't result in violence but I can see how thats going to make someone pissed off...bring in all the ringers after your seeded so the other team playing by the rules has no chance.

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