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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
What. The. Hell.

Clark was supposed to be a sure thing to get ousted in this election.

There was apparently a record low turnout for the election as well. It's sad how apathetic voters are these days. They moan and cry for change but do absolutely nothing to bring about that change.
The stunning thing in this is why people think vote or opinion polls are as accurate as they are said to be.

The margin of error indices should come with a laughtrack. If these pollsters were running vegas it would be broke.

By and large when vote day comes the incumbent party, or representative always has a decided advantage. Theres often a status quo vote when it actually comes to the election.

I'm saying this in general terms about any Canadian election. It takes a whole lot of change in tide to throw an entrenched incumbent party out. The polls never reflect or even detect the ardent factions of support.

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