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05-15-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Also, why isn't anybody ever in front of the net? Any time I get the puck from behind the net its like everybody on my team vacates the slot.
Heh, that's becoming my living room as I can't really shoot yet and am too tired after an hour of skating hard, so for the last 30 mins I camp out in front. Passes don't come too often but I looove rebounds. I also got knocked onto the goalie once or twice, which seems to help scoring, too.

On to my 'Today': Had a great skate yesterday, made some nice passes and am really happy with my development. Still need to work on randomly losing balance. Stick handled through 3 guys yesterday, two of whom hooked my hands big time (clinic scrimmage so no whistle), still kept going and then just fell over backwards once I was clear. I definitely need to cut my stick though and learn to shoot a bit more consciously. Physically I am making great strides, too and don't feel like a truck hit me after skating anymore from being tired, although I still feel it. Really love the clinic though, 30 mins drills, 1 hour game is perfect for me, especially that they run some 'theory' sessions every time explaining how to behave in the zones and go into positioning and stuff.

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