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05-15-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by cjc5103 View Post
listening to them was probably the happiest thing ever. glad they weren't wasting their breath complaing about penalty calls in this game.
Yes, when it came the 3rd period, even the 2nd, I was ready to listen.
They couldn't harm me anymore

They didn't bother to compliment the Rangers, they complained mildly, mostly, they were depressed, looking for pity, saying it is shame to work this hard, talking about crying and the saddness of it ending.

I have had people say, this is what separates DC from NY and other real sports markets.
DC fans are bandwagon, are the less informed crowd, and will believe their team will win, and when they don't, then it's a cryfest, it's the refs fault, it's they got bad breaks.

They do not hold the team accountable, they don't get critical, and that's why they aren't the fanbase like NY or Chicago they are so jealous of.

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