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05-15-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by PinkEye View Post
You have a lot of pent up anger issues. Ever thought maybe they have friends they want to play with?
If they have friends that are in a skill level below them, those players should play UP a level, you should never drop down a level, what is the point of that, your game will only regress. I'll leave my psycho analysis of you out of this thread, and I'll await a "your mom" joke from you.

Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
It is also very possible to be down 5-1 in a beer league game early with teams of relatively equal skill. Why is the automatic assumption it's ringers?

Edit: I use 5-1 as an example. It easy for a game to get out of hand if they stop focusing no playing hockey and start focusing on running people.
A 5-1 game probably doesn't have much of any ringers, I'm talking about teams with 4 or 5 D1 players (playing in a C league) that are still going hard in a 9-1 or 10-0 game, this **** happens here all the time. 5-1 is still a fair game.

Originally Posted by The Latvian View Post
Guys who take runs at other players make me sick. Everyone has a job to go to in the morning. It's too bad your feelings got hurt, but act like an adult.
Taking runs at other players is not acceptable in any beer league IMO, but if you're team is up by double digits and it's clear that half your team is sandbagging, don't be surprised when the other team doesn't take kindly to being embarrassed. Problem with some of these teams is that they have no respect and run up the score and then they are surprised when the other team starts showing their frustration.

I have personally never taken a run at another player or team, and I have been involved in plenty of blowouts, but I can't speak for some of my teammates. My point is, if you're able to fly thru half the other team, you're in the wrong division. Play UP a level, push yourself and progress your game. You're not doing yourself a favor by playing in a lower level.

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