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05-15-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Grossly underestimating a team that has been embarrassed in its last three playoff series? Grossly underestimating a team that has been ***** slapped in the playoffs? Grossly underestimating a team that clearly is regressing and couldn't score a goal to save its life? I don't think so. I think people grossly overestimate the level of talent we have. I think people grossly overestimate what some of our players can do.

We don't have enough talent up front to score consistently in the playoffs. The Sedins aren't the type of players who can carry this team offensively when it counts. Kesler isn't the type of player who shows up every night either, and his body is so fragile I don't see him being able to make it through a 4 round playoffs ever.

We also don't have a single defenseman who can skate as fluidly as someone like Shattenkirk. We don't have a defenseman who can lead a rush and provide a dangerous transition game. It's pretty obvious that our offense declined when Ehrhoff got hurt and when he left. Karlsson, Letang, Keith, Doughty, Boyle (to a lesser extent now), are all puck moving defensemen who can lead a rush and it's no surprise they're still in the playoffs. Granted they aren't the only reason as you need more than just a PMD, but they're a key element that teams need to succeed.
And who is the Rangers franchise PMD? How about the Redwings, despite losing Lidstrom? Edler is better than Kronwall or del Zotto. Sure it might be nice to get another PMD, maybe we can sign Gonchar, Streit, or Zidlicky in the offseason. But it's not a need in order to be a contender. Trying to offersheet Pietrangelo is a pipe dream.

I agree we need to score more goals. Adding Vanek + a few other tweaks could easily bump our G/G up by .5. How many teams have the equivalent of the Sedins, Vanek, and Kesler in their top-6? Pittsburgh and Chicago, maybe? And our goaltending is miles better than theirs.

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