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Originally Posted by Ched View Post
Relax Wolf13. I'm not attempting to argue anything about fairness, nor am i suggesting that the other two leagues should or shouldn't adopt the rules re: roster size that the AUS has put in place. all i am doing is commenting on what i believe to be some of the consequences of the AUS decision.

It must be noted, however, that the word on the street is that although Saskatchewan and Alberta do throw some big coin at players (i can't speak for the OUA but i am sure it happens as well) UNB, SMU, SFX and even UPEI are known to toss even bigger coin at top players. Logic tells us that you would not have Western Canadian players (and their girlfriends, who mysteriously get scholarships as well) moving out to the East Coast for a few extra shekels. there is big money involved.
If you are suggesting UPEI is one of the schools throwing big money at players, I'd seriously question your sources considering the financial shape UPEI is currently in and has been in for years. There is no way UPEI is outspending Alberta for players.

Also I would assume that rule change in the AUS took a majority of votes to pass, so you can't realistically accuse half the league of doing it. If half of them were doing that they wouldn't have changed the rule.

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