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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
See, you're the exact kind of person I've spoken of in my previous post. My shop is in NoVa and I KNOW we have our prices set at or below Hockey Giant and Total Hockey on virtually everything and our closeout skates and sticks are 50% off when we clear them out (better than any online retailer).

While there is no way to compete with them on total stock, I do have a TON of inventory in stock and short of the most uncommon curves or fringe equipment, I should have it in stock. Of course, I dont carry 10 of everything, so there is always the times when I'm out of a specific size, but I get them in quickly and do our best to make sure that doesnt happen.

Goalie gear, on the other hand, I cant compete with and no small shop will as it requires a ton of extra money in inventory to cater to a very small percentage of the shopping population. That and the space to carry it all is unrealistic for anything other than a 10,000 square foot store.

But that was what my last post referred to. The assumption that the LHS is going to be overpriced or not have it. I'm pretty sure you havent really been to my shop if you feel the pricing is off because I know for a fact ours isnt and I know our selection is very good. Many just assume that a superstore is the right answer.

I will hesitate to say in public our shop as not to violate any rules here, but I suggest you look a little closer at some of the NoVA stores and see what you find.

And for those in other places, I suggest the same thing, make sure you really check out all the local options and talk to them, ask them if they'll match a price or how long it will take to get it for you. Many can have it just as quickly as ordering online and you'll get to deal with someone face to face.
There is no assumption in play here. I am in my LHS all the time. It is a pro-shop to be specific. I don't have to look too hard to understand the difference between $120 for the same stick I can order for $90. I also was in the market for some new shoulder gear. Our shop carries one brand in adult -- Bauer. That is it. HG carries Bauer, Warrior, Easton, Reebok/CCM. Shoulder gear is definitely a try on sort of product. No selection = no sale. This area is not exactly littered with hockey supplies. If I could find a convenient local place to get it at the same price or better, why would I make myself wait for shipping? I would be happy to discuss it with you over PM to avoid any rules.

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