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Originally Posted by wolf13 View Post
If you are suggesting UPEI is one of the schools throwing big money at players, I'd seriously question your sources considering the financial shape UPEI is currently in and has been in for years. There is no way UPEI is outspending Alberta for players.

Also I would assume that rule change in the AUS took a majority of votes to pass, so you can't realistically accuse half the league of doing it. If half of them were doing that they wouldn't have changed the rule.
One of the reasons that the player cap was instituted - and that a majority of AUS coaches voted to bring it in - was in fact to control costs. It would level the playing field locally, ie. AUS. And even though UNB rallies against it and calls it the “anti UNB” rule (or whatever), fact is UNB will be able to pad its war chest with more gold because they will not have to spend as much. Math is quite simple, outfit 22 skaters with gear, jerseys, tution, books, travel, etc etc or outfit 28. It was as much a cost saving measure for everyone, as it was a stone being thrown in UNB’s direction.

Has anyone ever caught someone in a lie and called them on it? Have you ever had the liar come back at you and get defensive and irritated because you called them out? Liars don’t like to be called liars. Just an observation on life. No real meaning there, just sayin.

the paragraph above was not directed at you Foyle, I had typed that before I read your post. Not trying to start a war.

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