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Originally Posted by Faithful67 View Post
apparently stokedswarly's wife threw out his game so he is no longer in the league

StoKedSwarly here;

I have been getting too wound up lately. I was on some horrid streak where I completely forgot how to score and got absolutely no luck whatsoever for about 2-3 months. This game has always been streaky for me. Win a few, lose a few. Lately, I cant buy a win. Every game pretty much goes the same. Last night I called exactly how the game was going to go. I had never played this guy before, but called the exact game.

I said my computer would take a stupid penalty in the first minute. Sure enough at 19:28. the computer controlling Joe Thornton takes a tripping penalty where the guy doesn't even trip.
Then I said that I would get scored on first. Then get a ton of momentum, almost score several times, then he will come down the ice and score on his next shot. Then I would lose anywhere between 5-1 and 6-2.

While losing 6-1 in the 3rd I was pretty upset. My wife took the game out, walked to the balcony and pretended to throw it. I grabbed it and threw it myself. If it was going out the window, I wanted to be the one to do it. I told her about a month ago that if I didn't win 1 game in my next 5 I would throw the game out. I didn't win one for about 15 games after that. It was long over due

Its alright, we are moving this summer as well as doing some travelling. As well as some other school stuff that would keep me away for most of the summer anyways.

Originally Posted by Game 8 View Post
That would explain why he ducked out on me yesterday!
As this was all happening, I got several game requests VIA XBOX and text messages. I was planning on playing you earlier. As I logged on I saw you accepted my friend request and had just logged of 1 minute ago. Then you invited me literally about 5 seconds before my wife snatched it.

Originally Posted by Game 8 View Post
Mine said its her or my Xbox she gave me an ultimatum!

Im going to miss her!

I am going to show her that!

Anyways boys. Its been fun!

This was by far my favourite league. Faithful you do one hell of a job man. Thanks for keeping it going when it didn't look so good, and keeping it going strong. I had a lot of fun trading and playing with you all. Good luck with the rest of the season.

I will def be back for 2014! Dibs on the Oilers

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