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Originally Posted by Tronador View Post
I also can't understand this decision as it will be probably the end of his NHL chance, although he played much better than lots of drafted goalies in the OHL.
I don't understand, why so many German players do not try to stay in the US, when i think about F.Schütz, Gogulla...
I mean there a many players who returned who just wouldn't make it over there, but did more or less well after their return. Guys like Reul, Bittner, Höfflin, Krämmer, Keil and to a lesser degree Ritter come to mind. Among those only Höfflin might have had a chance, but I get why they returned and it worked for them.

It also kind of worked for Gogulla and Schütz who have become stars, sort of, in the DEL which means they get more money and attention than they would have in North America, at least for a while.

On the other hand staying in North America can work, like it did for Sulzer (hopefully his injury doesn't cost him his spot on an NHL team), but there is no guarantee. Justin Krueger stuck with it, but it doesn't seem to work for him. But if he returns to Europe, he can say he went all in. Hopefully he will have a decent career regardless of where he goes.

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