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05-15-2013, 01:35 PM
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Not going to pretend that I don't believe some coaches might be trying to bend the AFA rules. But it looks like the only hockey program that might have been caught doing that is Dal, and we're still waiting for the CIS to release the results of their investigation. So before anyone casts aspersions towards any other schools with no evidence, why don't they wait until at least we find out what Dal did or didn't do.

STUTommies raises a good point. All the AUS hockey programs WILL save some player expenses with the anti-UNB roster cap (don't fool yourself, I understand every school EXCEPT UNB voted for the cap, and the coaches put their AD's up to it ...). But probably not AFA money. UNB was already close to the limit or at it and will still spend the same, but spread among few less players. I don't see the other schools behaving any different, so they'll see no net savings in AFA spending.

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