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05-15-2013, 01:40 PM
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Sorry man, I wasnt trying to lay into you or anything, I was just emphasizing my above point, that people are very aware of the big guys, but not always the other places out there. Its the battle I'm constantly fighting as many LHS are.

But I do understand that you want to try different things and if the local is giving you that option, you dont always have another, or at very least, may not be aware of another.

Its funny that, unfortunately, you happened to come here and prove a point I was making about it being frustrating trying to get customers to know we're here and meet online pricing, then you show up as one of those customers that didnt realize I was here and doing that. LOL

Anyway, no way an LHS will ever truly compete with the big boys, we just cant reach enough people like they can. We just hope to get as many as we can and hope they spread the word.

I didnt intend this to become a sales pitch. I hope everyone finds a shop that works for them and they're happy with. I just hope many can find that with an LHS as they are what truly keep the industry moving and hopefully they dont all go away as the big guys keep moving in on them.

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