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05-15-2013, 02:11 PM
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Wow, our team is actually more stacked than I would've considered before trying to write up a roster. Plenty has happened since this past season. Landeskog has had a sophomore year, while especially the guys in Ottawa have developed alot. Plenty of players left out that I would've wanted in there. Alfredsson'll probably retire, so he isn't on the list. A couple of guys have played themselves into the roster this season, if they can keep it up, this will be very interesting about 9 months from now.

Sedin Sedin Eriksson
Zetterberg Bäckström Franzén
Steen Berglund Stålberg
Hagelin Zibanejad Landeskog
Reserves: Hörnqvist, Silfverberg, Backlund

Comments: Not exactly written in stone, but these are the names to juggle around with as I see it. Eriksson and Bäckström showed great chemistry before, but it's not like the Sedins aren't skilled enough to play with Eriksson either. Some blazing speed and a hard worker brought into the lineup in the form of Hagelin, who'll be invaluable at big ice. Zibanejad has some speed as well. All lines know the two-way game very well and I see no real weaknesses. These guys can play against the best.

Kronwall Karlsson
OEL Edler
Hjalmarsson Hedman
Reserves: Strålman, Gunnarsson, Brodin, Murray, Larsson (soo many...)

Comments: The defense is stacked to the teeth. The thought is to let especially Karlsson, but also OEL roam a little bit, while Edler and Kronwall provide some defensive awareness. These pairings aren't exactly set in stone, they are all very good defensemen. Murray would've been a good choice on small ice, the choice is unclear on big ice.

Lundqvist Fasth Enroth
Reserves: Lindbäck, Markström, Lehner

Comments: Not much to say here as Lundqvist is the obvious starting goaltender. I think Fasth has looked impressive enough to snag the spot as backup, while Enroth grabs the 3rd.

A very solid team on paper with great potential. If they can get their momentum going, this team can win any game against any team.

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