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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
So your not going to buy the new car if it costs $25,001? What about $25,002? What about $25,100? Where do you draw the line. It's pretty clear that setting an absolute limit you are willing to spend and then not going over the line is not how people in the real world operate. Even if you did stick to the 25K price they'd probably talk you into undercoating or an extended warrantee.
Because nobody is an absolute hard limit person, it was really an example. In the context of a car, 100 is not much, but an extra 2000 is. If I saw a car I liked and only wanted to spend $25,000, but the dealer demands minimum $25,500, I may still budge and buy the car if I like it.

However, if he asks for $30,000, then I will consider looking elsewhere. It's all willingness to go over to satisfy what you want there. Regardless, for the topic of bottom line, still applies that consumer doesn't care where the money goes, as long as they get what they want for what they paid for.

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