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09-29-2006, 02:26 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
You are mixing and matching to fit your needs. Or so it appears. The problem is not the fact that Ortmeyer and D. Moore are not playing on the bottom 6. The Rangers have no shortage of players that can play the bottom-2 lines. The problem is:
1. That it APPEARS that Hollweg is being moved to center to give Renney the ability to play Hossa.
2. This is due to the fact that if Immonen (or Dubinsky, pick your choice) were to make the team as one of the bottom-2 line centers, Hollweg would be back at his natural wing position. Since it APPEARS that Dawes seems to be on the cusp of making the team, and since Renney stated that the does not want to play rookies unless they are getting at least 8-10 minutes of ice time, the odd-man out in this case would be Hossa.
3. However by playing Hollweg out of position, Renney would have effectively filled the bottom-2 line centers spots and can still play Dawes on wing, while still leaving room for Hossa to start.
4. This has a negative effect that is two-fold. First of all, it nullifies scoring from the bottom-2 lines, as Betts is not a 3rd line center as his scoring touch is void. Second of all, it would appear that Immonen and Dubinsky are getting shafted. This despite the fact that they have had superior camps to-date than either Hossa or Betts. Even if you believe that Dubinsky can use more seasoning (and I do), this does not change the fact that Immonen could play the 3rd line center. But again, that means that Renney would have to bench Hossa and demote Betts to the 4th line.
One thing TB...About Hollweg, he came up through Juniors playing alot of C and is not really "out of position" there...Just didn't play it last year.....

I agree with the first part of Number 4 and why I don't want Betts-Holly as the bottom two centers.....But I really don';t think Dubi and Immo are getting "shafted"..Though both are ready for NHL minutes, Dubi could easily use more seasoning and might be better for it...And just maybe Renney doesn't think Immo can contribute the all around game HE (not me) wants and thinks Betts can contribute much more as his third C (and that might be true)...

I do understand the Hossa part..We have the same view of Hossa but Renney doesn't..H eobviously sees him as a top 9 forward for this team right now and as the old saying goes...."coches decision"..However, I think the solid camps of Immo, Dubi, Moore and Dawes will mean that Hossa will get an extemeley short lease as the kids hone their game in Hartford...Hell, maybe they will be up in 2-3 weeks..

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