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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Thing is, as a goalie I may have a different view, but from my view point, you can tell which players are far above the general skill level of the division.

I appreciate skilled players, but there are guys that constantly out-skate everyone, go through every-one and score the majority of the goals. While I can see good plays develop, seeing one or two guys do this consistently against my best players for an almost 60 minutes, things are up.

Especially when you've never seen those guys before when playing the same team.

Though, few people are quick to jump the gun, most are pretty responsive to understanding they are getting outright out played,.
Yeah. Those ones are always the most obvious. Another easy way to spot some of the ringers around here is because they'll be wearing their Hyland Hills jerseys. Makes it extremely obvious that you're a ringer. The refs around here hate them. Barely ever call anything against them even though they wind up getting hacked, slewfooted, and just taken out fairly often.

And, I'll be the first one to say that my team is not very good. And I completely agree that a 5-1 game is not a sure sign of ringers. (Hell, that happens in the NHL plenty often). In fact, plenty of the time around here, it's more like a game is close because the teams are really pretty well matched on the whole but then one team just leaves the ringer(s) on for the entire final 5 minutes and they score two goals to win the game. To me, Pointstreak is really the best way to point out ringers on a team. If you've got your good old 4.72 PPG, I'm pretty sure it's time to move up.

I'm not trying to say that just because you lost 5-1 it's a clear case of ringers. All I'm saying is that a good league ought to tell ringers to GTFO and anybody who is willingly a ringer is a fool.

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