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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Second the BASE fitting, if it's not too expensive. You would get hands-on instruction, feedback, and advice from professionals and get to test out lots of different flexes and curves.

Caveat with BASE is everything I've used from them feels about 10 flex whippier than rated.
If you can't afford the fitting with the high speed camera and all that, you could probably still try out the different demo sticks without going through the fitting. And you would get a feel of the different flexes first-hand and know if you need to get a higher rating to match your preference.

One thing I noticed when I flexed some BASE inter sticks of 65, 55 and 45 flex is that there wasn't as much difference as I expected among those 3 flexes. The 45 felt a lot more rigid than any 55 flex of other brands that stores carry. Maybe BASE flexes don't vary as much so that their higher flex ratings are a bit whippier, and their lower flex ratings are a bit more rigid than other brands, but I haven't tried the senior flexes so I can't really say. But if you're not stuck with guessing the flex and ordering online and have the opportunity to try the sticks first-hand, it takes the guessing out of the equation and is worth investigating.

Of course if one is bent on buying a major brand for the image, then forget everything I just wrote.

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