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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
The Canucks just tinkering around with the non-core players has not, and will not, make any difference to results. Or, do we continue with the Sedins as center pieces for another season?
In order to believe that you also need to believe that a team only needs 4 forwards to score goals in the playoffs. Because that is exactly what has happened. 17 goals in ~150 playoff games from the non-core players. That's pathetic and the reason the team struggles to score. Not the goal a game (as expected) the Sedin line put up.

For example...against the Kings last year Henrik scored 25% of the teams goals and was in on 62.5% of the goals. He was over a point per game for the series yet to hear people talk the last week he made no contribution. He was the ONLY contribution last year. This season that line scored 25% of the goal for the canucks and Henrik was in on 37.5% of the goals scored. It was a drop and not good enough I think everyone understands that but this talk of "disappearing" Sedins needs to stop. Unless of course you apply the same standard to all other players in the league which they don't. Because if they did they would notice that every player has good and bad playoff series. Every player. Sometimes things don't happen. You don't match up well or whatever.

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