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Originally Posted by Draekke View Post
Ya, sorry. Kinda got lost in my own writing, I can understand why it isn't too clear. Writing an essay is my least favorite thing to do in school :/.

I just meant that there are a lot of people complaining on principle that the tax money "wasted" on the arena could go to a better option, yet to some people the arena is the better option. Either way, someone loses something they perceive as beneficial, so arguing on the principle that they are losing something is a little hypocritical.
No, I'm just saying it isn't the business of the city to be propping up somebodies private enterprise. It isn't the domain, mandate, of the civic administration to do that.

As mentioned this notion of handing an arena to one person, not taxing him for either the arena or any ancillary entertainment contained within, while using a CRL to continue to tax surrounding business represents select interference in the marketplace.

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