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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
What I'm getting at obviously is your notion that the ticket tax, by virtue of increasing ticket prices overall, is not going to matter much to Katz as the market will continue to pay pretty much whatever is asked providing the increments are not extreme in the moment. Probably everybody reading follows along with what I'm explaining to you.

In effect you're trying to argue that a 7% tax is going to cut into Katz max potential ticket price when 1000% increase over the last 20yrs has done nothing to abate demand.

I used the increases (yearly) to demonstrate they have no impact on tickets sold. The market seemingly will bare whatever price put in front of it within reason. I'm all for ticket tax and user pay.
What you don't seem to grasp is that Katz, as supplier of the product, is 100% entitled to recover as much of the consumer surplus you keep referencing as he can. The fact that he hasn't yet is an act of charity in itself. It has no bearing whatsoever on who the ticket tax is being borne by.

Ask yourself this: who has the choice to avoid paying the ticket tax? Potential ticket buyers or Katz?

Whatever he charges will be less because of the ticket tax.

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