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05-15-2013, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
That's the theory. In reality I have always believed the theory was that Babe Ruth came in with a different style and focused more on home runs. Ruth hit a lot of home runs and he was the first player to really swing for the fences. This bothered a lot of baseball purists because Ruth would hit a homer and then jog around the bases. He wouldn't hustle at that time because he didn't have to. It bothered Ty Cobb a lot. Before Ruth came around the home run wasn't used as much of a weapon. Baseball was a game of singles, base stealing and even sacrifice bunting. Trying to swing for the fences was too much of a risk and a very low percentage play. This is why Cobb had such a wonderful batting average. He focused on hitting singles rather than parking the ball over the fence. But when Ruth had success hitting home runs other teams and other players copied it. Thus bringing in the live ball.
I never thought this was a theory BP. I thought it was factual. Where did you read/hear it was a theory?

I have read that Cobb chose not to hit home runs. Whether that's true I don't know. Funny thing though, Ruth's lifetime average is very close to Cobb's despite his swing for the fences approach. Ruth could do it all.

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