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Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
I do appreciate the little things the Kings do (e.g. effortless breskouts, excellent puck support, controlling the front of the net, etc.). However, if all there is to appreciate is the little things, that means the primary substance is lacking. As I said, from a coaching and LAK fan standpoint, it's arguably perfectly executed hockey. But as an impartial observer, the product just seems to lack sizzle and excitement.

Like The Perfect Human said, maybe it's only exciting when their opponents are able to play a similar style with similar effectiveness. Who knows, maybe I should be directing my complaints towards the Sharks and their inability to make adjustments. Maybe it's because the Kings don't make the high risk/high reward plays which lead to goals and goals against. Maybe it's because individual skill isn't manifested in an obvious manner. All I know, is I get a little bored watching them play.
Thanks for the response. I get more of where you are coming from. We'll see what level of hockey SJ is willing to go to. Of course the age old question of Thornton, Marleau, etc, is how much commitment are they prepared to make. Even with that said in fairness this Sharks team doesn't match up with the Kings.

Sharks will need a legendary effort here to beat the Kings. If they did somehow manage to do that they would go onto win the cup imo.

But my take is the Kings win this series.

Kings may have their stumble against the Hawks. If Kings go to the SC they're winning again.

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