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05-15-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Can not agree. Sweden has best assests from all euro leagues - the quality and quantity of players. Only thinking of swedish hockey federation is idiotic.

Easy, make player´s contracts with NHL out clauses and tranfer fee at least 0,5 mil USD or whatever they are worth. Like soccer, no problem. Dont worry, players/agents will get used to them immidiatelly.

Status quo is bad, bad for swedish hockey from long-term. If you dont understand it, it is just your problem.
You may think this was settled over night, but it took a year to get it done. If anything, the fact that almost all other European federations agreed on a deal they didn't even negotiate proves how important it is. No deal before the summer = players gone anyway = money lost that will never be seen again. In the case of some countries, it's the first time ever they have a transfer deal and get money for their lost players.

With your example we'd just see good Swedish juniors go straight to the CHL or AHL, never stepping their feet in the SEL. Your example is based around a non-existant scenario as far as Swedes are concerned. Swedish players want to play in the SEL, but they dream of playing in the NHL. Take away the smooth transfer rules SEL-NHL and players will look elsewhere. It's not in any shape or form comparable to how Russian players sees the KHL.

We(Swedes) should be happy to keep our juniors at home and make sure to take care of our development program, that's really important as far as I'm concerned. We've got something that's working and need to keep refining those areas. The next step is to get our kids to stay 1-2 years longer at home before going overseas, and I believe that will be the case with the four year player rights.

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