Thread: Equipment: Extending a wooden shaft
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05-15-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
it could be done, but there would be all sorts of issues. by re-shaping the butt end of the existing wood stick, you'd be severely weakening it by taking off the finish and any fiberglass reinforcement.
combine that with the fact that you'd have to have a good 3" tenon into the composite piece, and it would be hollow beyond that point, and you're liable to break the whole thing off pretty quickly. maybe taking some scrap wood to fill the composite piece would help a little, but really, i see no point in making all the necessary effort.
The exact same stresses would occur as with a typical wooden butt end in a composite shaft so it should not break. Physics 101. It might not be worth the effort for some, but if you have the tools and the craftsmanship, it would be a very simple task.

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