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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
You kidding? How many QMJHL players who were flashy in junior were able to step right into the NHL right away? That's the real question.

David Perron was good in the NHL but he's injured all the time because he gets roughed up so easily, similar to PM Bouchard.

More guys who couldn't translate: Angelo Esposito, Alex Bouret, Derick Brassard (he's looked good in 15 games with NYR but he's been dominated for 6 years now), Francois Bouchard.

I'm sure there's many more examples but those are the guys who were drafted high enough to have some expectations. There's a ton of other examples who were picked late because they were deemed unable to translate their game to the NHL because of their lack of physical ability. That's why Charles Hudon was drafted so late and it still remains to be seen if his game can translate
Maybe I didn't express my point very well. I didn't mean that every flashy Q forward does well in the NHL. I meant that translating their style of play from juniors to the NHL is rarely the problem.

David Perron doesn't get roughed up too often. He really had just one major injury. And he translated just fine to the pros. Hell he pretty much has the same strengths and weaknesses in the NHL as he had in juniors.

Esposito had 1 big NHL-level asset and it was seriously compromised when he had knee surgery.

Bourret had conditioning and attitude problems.

Brassard didn't have a problem transitioning to the pros initially (did well in the AHL and was an early Calder favorite). Frankly, I think his problems are mostly mental. His personality reminds me a bit of MA Fleury, and I think he might have the same problems with letting his mental makeup and confidence level affect his on-ice performance. Plus the two big shoulder injuries during development probably didn't help.

Bouchard wasn't particularly highly-touted (wasn't he a late 2nd round pick?).

To be fair, there is one type of player that does translate poorly from juniors to the NHL: players with both below-average NHL speed and size, regardless of their skill level (hence your point about Hudon, I imagine). But as you mentioned, those players get drafted late (if at all) because scouts know this and have come to expect it.

Ultimately, my point is that, yes, Drouin could be a disappointment, if:
1)His attitude or work ethic is poor.
2)His on-ice intelligence/decision-making doesn't keep up with his skills.
3)He suffers serious injuries during development.

But it won't be because of an imaginary skill forward barrier where Drouin's skills become immediately obsolete just because he can't deke every player he comes across anymore.

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