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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
I'm not blaming Sturm for the way he handle the situation. I would of done exactly the same as he did. It's unfortunate, yes, but such a rare occurrence that a serie is equal in voting, let alone in the same number of games. What more can be done?

... And I'm one of those voters who didn't send the 'three stars', but I've been told in round 1 that they were useless ....
If it came down to 3 stars, I would have preferred to PM every GM who hadn't voted yet (or maybe just GMs who voted in other playoff rounds who hadn't voted yet) that at least one series was headed into OT. Then the first GM to vote determined the series. Kind of crappy to have a GM who wasn't following the ATD closely enough to vote in the allotted 3 days determine the thing, but maybe better than the 3 stars. I briefly considered doing that when the other semifinal was in the first tiebreak, then decided that # of games was a legit tiebreaker because it showed how close voting GMs thought it was. Plus GMs always complain that # of games never actually means anything.

Not blaming Sturm though - 3 stars were created to serve as a second tiebreak, so there was always the theoretical possiblity that they would be been used.

There was discussion in the past (in whatever draft it was where there was a trend to trade out of the first round) about eliminating them as a tiebreak because they favored GMs who had earlier picks, but the discussion quickly died out, probably because nobody ever thought they'd have to be used with the large voting pool that we have. We kind of had a unique situation where the 2 GMs collecting votes were in opposite semifinal series, so it made it so we couldn't really consult with each other about what to do. Couldn't really say "one of the series is tied; what should we do?" when we were each handling one series that the other was in.

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